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Dr. Joseph Checkelsky

Department of Physics, MIT

November 16th, 2016, 3:30PM,  
Thirkield Hall (Physics), room 103

Towards Quantum Materials with New Magnetic Functionalities

ABSTRACT:  A goal of the exploration of new quantum materials is the development of solid state systems with new functionalities. Topological Insulators are a new class of quantum materials which have recently become of great interest to the physics community- these materials have electronic states that are in some ways fundamentally more robust against disorder than conventional electronic systems.  At the forefront of research in these systems is the attempt to capitalize on this unique aspect of these materials to realize new electronic capabilities.  Here we review our related work on these materials in the context of coupling to magnetism.  We will discuss emergent phenomena that we observe including dissipationless electronic currents, coupling of magnetic and electronic degrees of freedom, and also prospects for future materials development.