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Dr. Ian R. Sellers, Dr. Homer L. Dodge
Department of Physics & Astronomy University of Oklahoma

WednesdaySeptember 28, 3:30 PM
Thirkield Hall (Physics), room 103


Routes to High Efficiency Solar Cells using Quantum Wells and Quantum Dots 1 [PDF]

ABSTRACT: Recently there has been significant interest in renewable energy as an alternative source of power to replace traditional fossil fuels and reduce our dependency on oil. Photovoltaics - the conversion of the sun’s energy to electricity - is an attractive approach since it offers a free and abundant source of clean energy. However, current commercial solar cells are limited to conversion efficiencies of the order of 20-25% due to the poor spectral matching of single bandgap semiconductors to the sun’s irradiance. To enable the large-scale implementation of solar cells for domestic energy applications improvements in power conversion efficiency and system costs must be achieved. To circumvent the fundamental limitations of single energy-gap solar cells, devices based on third generation (3G) processes have been proposed. In this presentation I will introduce such concepts, which implement low-dimensional systems into next generation solar cells, to try to harness more fully the solar resource and increasing the power conversion efficiency for these systems.